Why use Oregon Runs?

We are hand selecting quality Runs at established trail systems throughout Oregon. Some of the areas we select from include City, County, State, and National Parks, along with other public trail systems. We have run each and every trail to ensure the condition before including them in our directory.

Can I add my own Run?

This is a hand selected directory organized by Oregon Runs. Think of us as a curator for places to run.

I cant find a run in my area?

Oregon is a big place, and we are running our hearts out. Oregon Runs is a new project, we're adding Runs weekly.

How do I know when new Runs have been added?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where all new Runs will be announced. Newest Runs will appear first on the list of All Runs.

Can I suggest a new Run in my area?

Yes, please do. Use our form to make a suggestion, we'll add it to the list.

When will Oregon Runs be in my city?

Initially we are focusing our attention to the most traveled areas of Oregon, and hope to expand our scope in the future.

More Questions?

Follow us on Facebook, post a question and we'll do our best to respond.