EasyCLIMB Trail, Cascade Locks

Public UseFree to Play
Public Parkingavailable
No Restroomsplan ahead
Sunrise/Sunsetopen for use
  • EasyCLIMB Trail
  • EasyCLIMB Trail
  • EasyCLIMB Trail
2+ milespotential distance
Minimalelevation gain

The city of Cascade Locks in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service and several NGOs have established the first 3 miles of a larger 25 mile vision for a multi-use trail along the Columbia River.

This abandoned industrial lot is recovering to become a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts with help from ambitious volunteers. Single-track winds through a diverse landscape along the river, showcasing some of Oregon's most precious beauty with masterful trail planning. Swaying cottonwood trees, open grass meadows, a mature oak forest, and wild flowers everywhere.

This trail is narrow and winding with good reason to be cautious and aware of other users.

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This Run may have potential risks such as: bicycles disc golf equestrian
Always use caution and play safe.